About Us

Chinesetown.com is formed by a team of overseas Chinese scholars and their North American partners to fill the needs of ever-increasing numbers of people worldwide to learn Chinese and its culture, to do business in or to travel to China.

Our management team not only has rich experience in Chinese itself and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, but also more than a decade of experience studying, working and living in North America. The knowledge and experience in both Chinese and western culture enable us to design our training courses specifically tailored to our students' language background, learning style and cultural adaptability.

Our teaching staff consists of experienced professionals graduated from prestigious Chinese universities. We have very strict criteria in recruiting our teaching staff. Our teachers need to have rich knowledge and experience in the Chinese language and good communication skills in English or other specific languages their students speak, and to be very skillful in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and making the students' learning experience enjoyable.

With these criteria, we guarantee that our students will have a rewarding learning experience with our best teachers.

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