Corporate Chinese Training Solutions

Up to 2005, there were more than half a million foreign companies from 190-plus countries that were launched in China, while more than 30,000 Chinese companies branched out overseas. To give your company an edge in the fierce competition in the Chinese market, one of the most natural solutions is to equip your employees with the key to this market: Chinese language. With this key, efficient communication and then good "Guan Xi" (connections) comes along. So does better business performance in the local market.

Whatever size of your company and nature of your business, will work with you to come up with a customized solution tailored to your business needs. Besides general Chinese, we could also offer business specific Chinese lessons. Classes can be delivered individually or to a group, either at the convenience of home computer or on-site at your company. With minimal investment, one of the most important training of your company will be accomplished both professionally and effectively.

Advantages of choosing as your corporate Chinese training provider:

1. Customized Chinese training for your business will not only teach general Chinese, but also teach business and industry-specific Chinese to your employees. All these courses will be customized based on consultation with your company HR or training representatives, with the goal of improving your training ROI and your company's success in the Chinese market.

2. Best results with multiple training methods trains our corporate customers with a variety of training methods in order to reach maximal effects. Besides individual 1-on-1 tutoring, corporate customers also will have group online lessons to learn common topics such as Chinese pronounciation (Pinying) system, grammer points and cultural differences. Students would also be able to access online multimedia course materials to learn and review Chinese lessons on their own.

3. Superior customer service and student/member support ensures total quality and service satisfactions of our members and we are proud of our achievement in this respect. Our staff in China and representatives in North America monitor our online support accounts and emails around the clock to make sure your questions,concerns and requests get addressed without delay. Our tutors make every effort to adjust the course contents, teaching speed and style based on your feedback to ensure your learning a success.

4. Best training ROI guaranteed

Not only each individule lesson will be an enjoyable one, assessments will also be made at different stages to check each member's learning progress. The results will be communicated to your company HR or training representatives to guage your company's training ROI. With our commitment in total quality and service satisfaction of our members, your best training ROI is quaranteed.


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