Chinese Learning Solutions for Adults

In response to a variety of our customer interests, designed a comprehensive collection of courses: General Chinese, Business Chinese, Travel Chinese, HSK Preparation etc.

General Chinese, as the name implies, is designed for the general public who would like to study Chinese systematically to achieve a certain level or pass Chinese proficiency tests such as HSK test or the US AP Chinese test. It consists of 10 levels of courses, starting from ground zero to the advanced level.

Business Chinese is designed for people who are doing or will do business in China or with Chinese companies so that they could better communicate with their Chinese counterparts. It contains 3 levels of courses.

Travel Chinese has 2 levels of courses. Tourists or visitors to China wouldn't want to learn all the details about the Chinese language. They just want to learn some survival Chinese for their travel and Travel Chinese is specifically tailored for them.

All courses are provided in three different packages: Online Learning, One-on-one and VIP Classes. With the One-on-one or VIP package, you study with a private tutor on a daily basis and your study plan and contents can be adjusted to your needs at anytime. So your study materials are not limited to whatís mentioned above. Basically you could study Chinese in whatever area you want.


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