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Feb. 21, 2018  

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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions:

1. I am interested in learning Chinese, but I have no knowledge about Chinese at all. Can I still join your program?

2. There are many Chinese training schools (both face-to-face and online) out there. Why should I choose Chinesetown.com?

3. Seems Chinesetown.com has an advantage over others. How can I start with you?

Sales and Services:
1. Do I have any obligation for signing up for the free trial lesson(s)
2. How can I become a chinesetown.com online learning (silver) member?
3. How can I become a chinesetown.com one-on-one private tutoring (Gold) member?
4. How can I become a chinesetown.com VIP member?
5. Do you occasionally run promotions to attract new customers or send coupons to current members?

Technical Issues:
1. What equipments do I need to learn Chinese with Chinesetown.com?
2. I am not very good at computers. Can I benefit from Online Learning and 1-on-1 Tutoring from Chinesetown.com?
3. After browsing your website, I still can't figure out how it works to learn Chinese with Chinesetown.com. What should I do?

Billing and Payment:
1. How do you accept payment online? Is it safe to pay on your website?
2. What's your cancellation and refund policy?

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