My experience with Chinesetown.com has been great. They are very polite and helpful and have a great deal of patients .They also take the time to explain all the little details to me. I am a very happy with my results and recommend them highly.

I remain a very happy customer and will stay with them until I am fluent in the Chinese language.

John C. from NJ, USA

I like the tutor you chose for me. She is excellent, she is very much prepared in teaching and she shows to have a passion for that. Any time she has chosen different contents for me, ranging from contemporary prose to Tang age poetry and I appreciated that because this gives me an opportunity to both enjoy classics and moderns. She explains any text from the grammar point of view, but she does not forget to illustrate the period, the cultural environment of the writer and the meaning. She enriches the content of the text making connections with terms and expressions used in everyday life and this is both interesting and useful. I also had full answers to all my question and she is very prompt in preparing material for me any time I have a requests. She is also a tough teacher, she speaks very quickly and she continously push me to make mental effort for understanding. Good challenge!!!

My idea about your school is that your organisation is very serious and really determined to student satisfaction, not only to making money. I noticed your tutor sometimes stays online with me even longer than 1 hour because she likes to complete the subject of the lesson. This is the difference between business and "core business", an expression that I use uncorrectely but effectively, not to indicate the main business of a company, but business made with heart!! I will surely pass your school name to my friends if I have the opportunity.

I would like to close this mail sharing with you my belief that Chinese language is the most enchanting language I have ever got in touch with in my life. It is like a screen: you open it and you find plenty of treasures, it's like a continous surprise and what is exiting is that everybody can share this treasure just talking and listening. The richness of your language, its pregnancy and evocative power will allow to keep a precious culture alive. The smartness of Chinese mind will allow to accept in the language new words and concepts, also coming from foreign languages, but will be able to keep its identity in a perfect mix.

Many languages are conceived to make communication possible, Chinese language is conceived to make communication possible, with elegance. Don't you think so?

Laura N. from Roma, Italy

ChineseTown.com offers private online Chinese lessons with professional language teachers in China. Written lesson materials are provided online, and the actual lessons are conducted using Skype at a time of the customer's choice. They offer a one-hour trial lesson for free, so you can see if the service works well for you without making any commitment.

I signed up for my trial lesson on the website, and within a few hours received an email asking about my skill level and my preferences regarding scheduling and lesson materials.

Last night at 9:30 sharp a teacher called me on Skype to begin our lesson. We read through portions of the text aloud; after each sentence or two she corrected my pronunciation errors, explained the meaning and usage of unfamiliar words and phrases, and helped me with difficult syntax. She was friendly, patient, and very helpful; she seemed able to figure out very quickly what my skill level was and to offer just the kind of help I needed. She was clearly well trained as a language teacher (she has a BA in teaching Chinese as a second language) and very experienced. Her English was also very strong, and she was able to offer precise English translations of tough Chinese words without any hesitation.

For the last ten minutes of my lesson, I asked her to demonstrate how she would go about teaching a complete beginner. Within 30 seconds, a Word document containing "Lesson 1" appeared in my Skype mailbox, and in very good English and with lots of patience she began to walk me through an explanation of the basic greetings and responses that made up the first lesson. We practiced each of the simple dialogs several times until I was able to imitate her (nearly) perfectly.

Overall, then, I was very impressed with my lesson.

David P. from University of Michigan, MI, USA

I've learned Chinese with Chinesetown.com for about half a year now and I made great progress, especially on spoken Chinese. Their tutors are very nice and professional. Their customer services are excellent. I really enjoy learning with them.

Nick M. from Sydney, Australia

I had no background in Chinese when I started three months ago. Now, I can speak quite some common expressions and many short phrases. I surprised my math teacher who is of Chinese origin. Nowadays it's cool if you can speak Chinese or Japanese in Netherlands, and I am one of those small groups of people!

Rob Q. from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Learning Chinese through this interactive medium has been an intense, but truly rewarding experience. One determines one's own pace by discussing in a focused way with one's tutor only those problems that need clarification. No reason therefore to be held back by a class, in which students would be on different levels. I was pleasantly surprised about the extent to which my basic knowledge of Chinese gained from this course enriched my recent visit to China.

Johan S. from University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

ChineseTown has good teachers and well designed lessons. In each lesson I learn related characters and get to use them. The lessons are meaningful and apply to normal life, and the teacher can explain more about expression usage. The internet connection also works very well. I wish I had discovered ChineseTown earlier in my Chinese studies!

Brian H., GA, USA


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