Why Choose Chinesetown.com?

Learning Chinese with Chinesetown.com has the following advantages:

Most Comprehensive Study Packages
Chinesetown.com has the most comprehensive Chinese course selections available online. All courses can be delivered in the form of three packages: Online Learning, Private Tutoring and VIP Classes. All the packages are customized into three age groups: Adults, Teens and Kids.

Total Convenience and Flexibility
With all the courses delivered online, you have the convenience to take the class anywhere with an Internet access. With large numbers of our professional instructors available virtually 24/7, you could almost choose to take courses anytime you'd like. You have total convenience and flexibility studying Chinese with Chinesetown.com.

Best Quality and Service
Teaching quality and customer service are our top priorities. We make serious commitment to recruit top quality instructors and ensure that each and every Chinesetown.com employee realizes the importance of excellent customer service.
If you are not happy with our quality or service, you can cancel your membership at anytime. Your total quality and service satisfaction is guaranteed!

One-on-one and Individualized Tutoring
With our one-on-one private tutoring, the practice of hiring a local instructor at a cost of $25 per hour should be gone. You have the luxury to take one-on-one lessons live with our strictly chosen professional Chinese teachers. Besides the total convenience, flexibility, and our quality and service commitments, our customized lessons can be further individualized to suit your needs with the private tutor knowing every step of your progress in your Chinese learning process, all this at a cost of less than $5 an hour.

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