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Jan. 21, 2018  

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  Free Chinese Lessons - Unit 10:


   Unit 10 我的家人 Wŏ de jiā rén My family  


Rose:Zhè shì wŏ bàba。Zhè shì wŏ māma。
Rose:This is my dad. This is my mom.


Zhè shì wŏ mèimei。Zhè shìwŏ gēge。
This is my sister.This is my brother.


Zhè shì wŏàirén。
This is my husband.


Zhè shì wŏ men de n ér, tā hěn cōngmíng,tā hěn kěài。
This is our dauthter. She is very smart and lovely.


Nĭmen kàn,zhè shì wŏ。
You see, this is me.


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